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Based in Houston, Renfrewshire, DMD Detailing are perfectly located to offer specialist car detailing Glasgow and all throughout Renfrewshire. Our detailing services include paint correction which will remove swirl marks and hazy paintwork that has been damaged with poor wash techniques, New car protection packages using the best ceramic coatings for paint protection. Our workshop is perfectly located if you're looking for car detailing in Glasgow.

Established in 2007 DMD Detailing have many years of experience specialising in car detailing working on everything from family hatchbacks, saloons, sports cars, prestige and luxury cars of all shapes and sizes.

​DMD Detailing are a car detailing specialist based in the Renfrewshire area. All of our services are carried out in our workshop located in Houston, Renfrewshire near the area of Glasgow, these include Paint CorrectionCeramic Paint Protection and New Car Protection Package all of which are carried out to the highest standard using the best quality products and equipment available.

car detailing glasgow

car detailing glasgow

car detailing glasgow

car detailing glasgow


  1. Window tinting refers to the process wherein a transparent sheet of film is applied to the inside of the car window glass. This sheet of the film always forms and serves as a shield against harmful UV Rays. With our window tinting expertise, Our pro applicator can surely give you all the extra tinting benefits. Such as privacy, security, health benefits, and glare reduction. Thus, with our timely update of window tinting solution, your car will always look cooler and more comfortable on the inside!


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