KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Paint Protection Package

kubebond nanox ceramic paint protection
KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Coating is designed to give you the same glossy finish and hydrophobic effects as Diamond 9H ceramic paint protection at a lower cost. Just one application transforms all the paintwork into a shiny surface that is resistant to all weather conditions. This is a result of the ceramic molecular net of the coating that enables a strong protection and creates a surface that stays cleaner for longer.

​KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Coating is designed to last 12 months but does not offer the complete protection provided by Diamond 9H​

👉 Super-Hydrophobic
👉 Protection from UV
👉 High Glossy Shine

​KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Paint Protection Package £145

  • Clean wheels with with non-acid wheel cleaner
  • Clean door, boot shuts
  • Snow foam vehicle
  • Wash (2 Bucket method with grit guards) using premium wash mitts
  • Remove tar from bodywork
  • Apply fall-out remover
  • Full clay treatment
  • Snow foam wash
  • Dry with soft microfibre towels & Air Drier
  • Vehicle polished to create a high gloss finish ready for application of KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Coating
  • Full wipe down to remove any oils left from polishing and maximise coating bonding
  • Apply KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Coating to paintwork
  • Apply KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Coating to all exterior plastics
  • Apply KubeBond NanoX Ceramic Coating to wheel faces
  • ​Apply KubeBond NanoX Coating to rear, driver & passenger windows​ 
  • Dress Tyres

  • The Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings DMD Detailing use will outlast any dealership coating & protect the clear coat and base colour from ultra violet rays and acid rains, preventing them from degradation and colour fading. The painted surface will continue to look glossy years later. Besides that, dirt, road film etc find it difficult to get stuck on the surface compared to a carnauba wax due to the super hydrophobicity of the ceramic coated surface.

    Ceramic Coating Key Benefits:
    • Paint protection from uv & ageing (colour degradation & fading)
    • Rust & oxidization prevention.
    • Eliminate permanent organic stains (bird droppings, tree saps, watermarks, etc)
    • Enhances Gloss levels, even on new vehicles!
    • Easy cleaning properties (plain water rinse & wipe)
    • Super durable lifespan (From 12months Up to 5 Years plus)
    • Super hydrophobic.
    • Harsh weather resistant.
    • Faded colour restoration.
    • Chemical resistance.
    • Invisible layer.
    • Strong anti abrasion.


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